TVC production

Having an unparalleled local and international expertise has allowed our team to get the know-how of the media production. HM2 assures to hire the most talented directors and D.O.Ps, while hunting the most gifted stylists. Our team’s background has enabled them to lead many projects and oversee the outcome, starting from the storyboard briefing to the last scene of the content.

We outsource all kinds of TV and film equipment, starting by managing all TV production departments, professional casting directors and collaborating with the creative art directors in the field, doing location scouting and finding the most exquisite locations in the country, putting one thing in mind; to have one goal for the project along with the post-production houses to finalize the project with compliance to budget limitations and requirements.



A track record of photos, from product shots on limbo backgrounds, and creative visuals for outdoor advertisement, to full-fledged corporate photo shoots and print media, capturing, portraying and showcasing your project at the most desirable locations in Egypt.


Social Video production

Our team believes that producing for the different social media platforms is as vital as a TVC, hence they dedicate their time and effort assuring that the creative requirements of the brief are being portrayed and delivered clearly. With a high-quality output, your idea will reach millions of people.


Film services

Here at HM2, we take all aspects into consideration, starting by issuing the official shooting permits and handling all the governmental authorizations to facilitate the shooting experience. We kick-off by providing a wide variety of all the significant equipment needed and laying eyes on the most exquisite locations of the country, conforming to the project’s requirements and budget.

The years of experience we have lived has allowed us to manage any foreign project through our local resources with their international set of skills, from casting to airing, meeting up to the worldly standards and targeting a unique output, by making sure to deliver what we promise.

TVC adaptations

A video adaption is where a TV commercial is being transferred from one market to the other. Airing for a certain community requires several characteristics that should be taken into consideration. Starting with the language, it has to be adapted reflecting the culture, then moving to the audio and video phase where few edits and effects need to be implemented serving the main creative objective.

Adapting a piece of content does not mean subtitling the text, it’s the way of communicating the main message and the brand.


Radio production

HM2 has been delivering broadcast radio commercials over the years. With the wide array of voice over talents we represent, we believe that providing the right talent will bring the sound of an idea to life, in addition to providing all the facilities needed, and finding the most highly-equipped audio recording studios, internationals and locals, with the most economic plan that serves your creative requirements