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Company history

HM2, formerly known as Freelance Production, is a dynamic independent production house based in Cairo, Egypt. Founded by Hamed Mahmoud in 1998. HM2 has succeeded to earn a prestigious position among the production houses in Egypt, with the expertise of 20 years in Egypt and the MENA region. A solid track record of media production has been achieved, experiencing and sharing different stories with many local and multinational clients.

 What we do

HM2 delivers all sorts of media content, from a short social media video to a broadcast copy. We aim to deliver effectual and alluring world-class product, firstly through listening and understanding the creative requirements. Following in order, we devote our efforts in collaboration with international crews and foreign expertise, investing in young talents, which enables us to add high production values, at all budget levels. Throughout the years, we have worked on a close-knit with our clients according to their interests, starting from receiving a brief moving forward to a world-class set of production solutions, combining creativity and commitment

Behind The Scenes

Who we work with